Nona Creative Digital Boutique is a mouthful, but a tasty one at that. We are a team of highly talented and motivated Capetonians (yes we do exist) that are passionate about the internet and what it can do for your business. The internet excites us. It’s constant change and refinement shows in what we offer our clients…just ask them.

By bringing together our propeller-head developers and hawk-eye designers we are able to marry genius with style. We are digital pioneers and entrepreneurs ourselves, which means that we will build your project from the ground up matching technology and strategy with a unique understanding of your business needs.


Having a clear and definitive strategy forms the basis of every successful project online and off.


‘User Interface’ and ‘User Experience’ are the keys to creating websites and applications that just work.


The web today centers around relevant and interesting content. This is the foundation for successful online communication.

Graphic Design

Visual harmony, eye catching branding and quality design is essential for every business to properly convey it’s commitment to it’s customers.

Web Development

Building for the web is a complex process. Let us make this vast ocean of technology accessible and available to you.

Mobile Development

Mobile access rivals and surpasses desktop internet access in many emerging markets. Can you really not afford to be mobile compatible?


Search Engine Optimization is essential to being found by your audience. Let us plan and implement a coherent SEO strategy for your business.

Online Marketing

Online marketing offers measurability and accountability. Maximise your ROI with a short run or ongoing campaign.